How works empty leg private jet?

Empty leg private jet and turboprops are subject to the same safety standards as commercial aircraft. It is safe to say that the companies that serve them, however, decide to adhere to even higher standards than recommended. An important factor is that private jet fleets tend to be younger than those used for scheduled flights. This means that already in the preliminaries they take the lead in the safety classification.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the rented planes, empty leg private jet and turboprops are operated by two experienced pilots with thousands of hours on their account. At least one stewardess will also take care of passengers in jets.

The highest traveling comfort?
Flying private jets, empty leg private jet is even more comfortable than first class commercial flight. Registration and security procedures are kept to a minimum, and the waiting time on the tarmac is… zero. It is worth knowing that most often we have the option of driving a transfer car to the plane itself. After boarding, the crew closes the door of your plane and in just a few minutes the take-off takes place.

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